Digital Product & Service Designer

Bonjour, I'm François-Xavier, a French Designer living in Paris.
I started out as a digital project manager, but after participating in my first focus group and making my first wireframes, I fell in love with experience design. I appreciated how practical it was to be able to speak with actual people, learn about their problems, build a solution, and refine it until it is perfect. I had a detective-like feeling.
             Since then, I've been learning by doing. I've worked on omni-channel ecommerce projects in Shanghai, helped startups create SaaS solutions, and led the design team for a microfinance organization halfway between Dakar and Paris. Additionally, I performed freelance work for clients in France and Japan in the fields of travel, education, and transportation. 
            I am particularly interested in creating an ideal environment to bring out the best in people and in supporting businesses in developing and delivering outstanding products that have the potential to improve people's lives.

Apart from that, I enjoy making electronic music, taking pictures, and spending time with my two kids. I'm also learning 3D and motion design, and I enjoy experimenting with game engines like GB Studio or Unity. I have lived and worked in France, Japan, China, South Korea, and Australia. I speak English, French, Japanese and conversational Chinese.


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