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Lead Product Designer @Accor

Paris, France


Lead Product Designer working on all digital products and services used within the hotels and properties of the Accor group.  

Role & responsibilities

Understanding and analyzing the problems experienced by our end users allowed me to provide better solutions. A plethora of tools and services that all behaved and looked differently and required various login credentials was one of their main frustrations.

I've led and facilitated discovery sessions with hoteliers to understand their use of current tools and to map out their current journey. This made it easier to pinpoint problems and potential improvement areas. I also had the chance to go to hotels and spend time studying the personnel go about their regular business. I contributed to the development of a community of hoteliers who I often engaged for advice or input on the solutions I was developing.


User research
User testing
Design System
User journey mapping
Field studies



Design System

The Design System was built in Figma. It was pulled from the design system developed for the clients of the Accor company with the specific needs and pain points of our users in mind.

They spend a lot of time using the tools to fill out data in forms, define prices in the planning, as well as double-check the specific requests of customers in the arrivals lists. They frequently work on outdated equipment with small screens. It was essential to provide them with simple-to-use solutions, with the most crucial information readily apparent at a glance and without needless scrolling.

Single entry point

We’ve set up a standard and contextual navigation for all of the group's tools to save users from switching between different logins and passwords. This gave them a single entry point, made it simple for them to access the right tool at the right time, and allowed them to easily switch between applications as needed.

Clarity comes first

In order for users to always know what mode they are in, a color code has been introduced:

  • green for the data settings
  • blue for the validation of data

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