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Lead UX Designer @EPIC Agency

Liège, Belgium


I was the first UX designer to join EPIC, a multi-award-winning agency based in Liège, Belgium. I successfully introduced the agency and its clients to user-centered design practices.

Role & responsibilities

I worked with the CEO, the Creative Director, the project managers, and the technical team to create a culture and work practices that prioritize users. I held many internal workshops to clarify our goals and how we would measure success.

I was in direct touch with the agency's clients and in charge of the discovery and scope refinement phases as well as the co-creation workshops, deliverables creation, and follow-up with the technical team.


    Rapid prototyping
    User research
    User testing
    Client presentation
    Strategic planning



    Project highlight: Les Guides de Belgique

    With 17.000 active members, the “Guides de Belgique” is the second biggest youth movement in Belgium. As such, they always have to find new ways to communicate with their hundreds of animators in the country to train them, share new animations resources and keep them inform about the latest news and legal stuffs.

    The brief was to create a mobile and web app that would operate as an exhaustive digital toolset for animators and members.

    In particular, the tool enables animators to get all the knowledge and support they require to plan kid-friendly camps:

    • administration: budget, assurance, and family-fillable paperwork
    • pedagogy: camp theme, rules of conduct, and activities
    • logistics: lodging, transportation, and equipment

    Brainstorm and sketching session on Miro to explore early concepts. It was done with the team and the clients.

    Every age group has its own educational system that enables children to learn and develop at their own pace in accordance with their physical and physiological needs.

    • Joining the Nutons (5-7 years)
    • Discovering at Les Lutins (7–11 years)
    • Living as a team at Les Aventures (11–15 years)
    • Starting at Les Horizons (15-17 years)
    • Serve the Routiers (17 years and older)

    The support role of animators is crucial, and I've introduced a gamification system that reflects the organization and operation of Guides. By planning activities, sharing their tips, and assisting newcomers, animators gain experience and are able to unlock some features that will be helpful to them.

    Gamification mechanics

    Octalysis framework

    Project highlight: Focus

    Focus is a project created by two psychologist researchers that helps kids between the ages of 6 and 16 regain control over their emotions.

    Depression, anxiety, and attentional problems... The mental health of young people worldwide has been severely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. According to UNICEF, it would be the tip of an iceberg that has been ignored for too long, with catastrophic effects on their ability to learn, work, connect with others, and contribute to the community.

    The device enables the child to perform a series of breathing exercises in a straightforward, amusing, guided, and monitored manner in order to learn to control their bodily and emotional reactions, improve their cognitive abilities, and eventually find serenity within five minutes.

    The brief was:

    • Re-examining the pitch during workshops and expanding the realm of possibilities; addition of a design thinking-specific methodology.
    • Understanding of the mobile application and the value it adds to the project as a supplement to the system, a way to make the system simpler, and a key component of the long-term supervision of the child by his or her guardians, parents, and professionals.
    • Support for the application's tone of voice through the creation of a quick prototype.
    • Development of a branding strategy and an application that are perfectly aligned with the work done on the measurement device.

    Project highlight: GreatCare

    In 2020, two healthcare specialists embarked on a journey to transform the way you book an appointment and interact with your doctor.

    I’ve helped them precise their business model and goals. They both were included at all time in the design process which greatly improve the speed of the process.

    In the end, it always came down to the same priority: a frictionless and friendly end-user interface and an efficient agenda for the caregivers.

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