Toyota Australia 〰 Toyota Australia〰  

Lead UX Designer @R/GA

Melbourne, Australia


As a senior UX designer, I was responsible for leading the overall experience design process for Toyota Australia, the largest account at R/GA Melbourne.

Role & responsibilities

My role involved both UX design and user research, and I played a pivotal role in shaping the user experience for Toyota's digital presence in Australia.

I worked closely with other designers and stakeholders to ensure that the user experience aligned with Toyota's brand and business goals.

Throughout the project, I demonstrated a deep understanding of user needs and behavior, leveraging that knowledge to create intuitive and engaging user experiences.


    Rapid prototyping
    User research
    Workshop facilitation
    Client presentation
    A/B test
    Design System




    My main task was to design a new version of the website that was focused on customer needs. I closely collaborated with the SEO team and copywriters to create narrative pages that provide the right information at the right time.

    The artistic direction has also been revised to offer a more refined and minimalistic appearance with close-up views, a color scheme that matches the vehicles, and animations to highlight specific features.

    Additionally, special consideration has been given to myToyota, the mobile application for customers.

    Formalization of our user experience design strategy

    Before and after

    R/GA has been working closely with Toyota to drive greater growth across digital channels by transforming the guest experience across and myToyota, while supporting broader initiatives and projects across the business.

    The user-centered approach and the methods I helped put in place transformed how customers:

    Navigate the site and the app
    • Behavioural analysis and optimisation
    • Lean user testing/research

    Navigation benefits
    • Guest-first approach
    • Information architecture restructure
    • Revised, modular interaction model
    • Visual alignment to upcoming brand shift

    Experience and engage with the brand
    • Simplified wayfinding
    • Amplified Toyota Brand
    • Clean, contemporary visual design

    Art direction benefits
    • Flexibility with integration of vehicle campaigns
    • Ongoing BEP cost efficiencies
    • Greater focus on product craft
    • Evokes what it feels like to drive

    Experience vehicles and services
    Product pages refinement
    • Less module repetition and more content rhythm
    • Visual continuity of the vehicle aids storytelling
    • Consistent art direction
    • ln-page animations bring the vehicle to life


    We regularly conducted A/B testing over the entire site, and we tracked the results in order to recommend the necessary improvements. For example, we've tested a variety of mobile navigation solutions.

    Clickable prototype tested with customers

    Design System

    The site and mobile application have numerous pages and have different styles and behaviors, which causes a lot of irritation for both the design team and the customers.

    In order to harmonize the interface's styles, I started work on creating a design system built in Figma. I gathered the team for a "Lightning Decision Jam" workshop that allowed us to identify the problems and prioritize the best solutions.

    We then created a backlog and worked in 2-week sprints to create the Design System's foundation. In a short period of time, we increased team productivity and significantly reduced style duplication throughout the website and application.

    Facilitating a Lightning Decision Jam session with the team 
    The workshop helped kickstart the work on the design system

    Trello board the team used to manage the work around the design system

    Contribution process

    Early stages of the design system in Figma

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